For Doctors, Hospitals, or Medical Faculties

"Help! Parents! - How to better communicate with sick/disabled childrens' parents"

Many times, communication with parents of sick or disabled children proves to be rather tricky for doctors or medical personnel. However, for the well-being and best-possible treatment of the child,  good  communication is of utmost importance. What do parents want to know? What do they need to know? How can communication with parents be improved, how can conflict be avoided or minimized? I will be glad to tell you - from the perspective of a parent and resilience trainer.


"And suddenly, everything was different... - The emotional landscape of parents in an extraordinary situation"

If a child is born prematurely or with any kind of disability, if a child suddenly becomes severely sick or has an accident, the world is turned upside down for ist parents and siblings. Emotions run wild, a chaos of thoughts fogs the brain. Discover how deep this hits. What it does to affected parents/families. How this may affect your work as a doctor or therapist, and how you can deal with it - and even help affected parents without having to invest too much time or resources.