For Parents, Self-help Groups or Early Intervention Institutions

"Doctor ahead! - How to communicate with doctors or medical personnel more easily and effectively"

If a child is acutely or chronically sick, if it had an accident or if it has special needs, a good communication with the medical personnel involved is extremely important for parents. However, the mere thought of having to talk to doctors often makes parents feel uneasy: Will I understand the medical "acadamese"? How can I come to good decisions concerning my child and his/her health? What should I know, what must I know? Don't worry: I will show you that talking to medical personnel is nothing to be afraid of.


"And suddenly, everything was different: How to cope with emotional chaos during or after an extraordinary situation"

If a child is born prematurely or with any kind of disability, if a child suddenly get severely sick or if he/she has an accident, the world is turned upside down for its parents or siblings. Emotions run wild, a chaos of thoughts fogs the brain. How can you get out of a negative spiral of thoughts and emotions? How can you as a indiviual, as parents or as a family cope with such a situation - or even come out stronger than before? Let me give you practical, easy to implement tipps.

"Before I knew it, everyone was gone... - The phenomenon of loneliness and how to deal with it as a parent "

Just days ago you used to be surrounded by friends, neighbors, Family. Then, sickness hit. Or an accident. Or the birth of a premature or disabled child. And all of a sudden, everyone is gone. Forever friends are nowhere to be seen anymore. Neighbors or family who used to stop by all the time suddenly avoid contact whenever possible.  - A very special form of loneliness is what many people experience shortly after they or their child gets severely sick or has an accident. Most of the time, they really struggle with this phenomenon. And many times even blame themselves for it - consciously or unconsciously. But: What are the roots and reasons for this phenomenon? How can we cope with it? As the mother of a "preemie" I, too, have had long-time friends vanish within days to weeks after my child's birth. As a resilience trainer, let me show you hands-on ways to deal with this phenomenon.