For Companies

"Stress factor change: Why change is causing fear and how you can motivate your employees to embrace change on the way to the future" 

Hardly any other part of life is subject to such constant and deep change as our professional life. Change is necessary, but unfortunately often causes fear and is a factor of stress. At the same time, companies cannot afford stagnancy… How do you as an Entrepreneur manage to ease your employees' (or your own) fears? How do you keep them motivated on your company's way to the future? It's easier than you may think!


"Who am I? Who are you? Why a realistic self-image is mandatory for your success" 

In our minds, we all have a very specific Picture of ourselves. We may think of ourselves as self-confident, funny, confident, and competent - but is this how others see us, too? Or, in the first place: Is our self-image realistic?  And why is a realistic self-image mandatory for your success? Let me show you!