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For Hospitals/Doctors & Medical Staff

Communicating with parents isn't always easy for doctors and medical personnel. However, good communication is crucial -also, or rather: especially, for the well-being of the child. Let me tell you from the parents' perspective as well as from my experience as a resilience trainer what parents need in their communication with medical personnel and doctors. What they want. What they absolutely must know. And what is going on in parents' heads in extraordinary situations such as the extreme premature birth of a child - and how you can avoid or minimize conflict in such cases by communicating properly. 

For Parents, Self-help Groups or Early Intervention Institutions

If a child is born prematurely or with a disability, if a child becomes severely sick or if an accident leads to severe consequences for a child's physical and/or mental health, a dire time filled with questions over questions begins for the child's parents and family. But there are ways to deal with such situations and cope more easily. The "right" communication with doctors, medical personnel or therapists also facilitates a lot. From my personal experience as a "preemie mom", as well as from my experience as a resilience trainer and coach, I will gladly show you what to look out for, and how to deal with such situations. 

For Companies

Hardly any area of life is subject to such fast and radical change as work. This can be a great challenge for both employers and employees. And more often than not, fear, feelings of uncertainty and helplessness, demotivation and stress go along with it. How can you as an employer help your employees - or yourself! - cope with these challenges? Discover the secret(s) of how to keep your team motivated, healthy and ready for change!