ForestCoaching: The power of the forest is yours!

The forest is an incredible place with an almost unlimited ability to heal body and soul alike. ForestCoaching is an innovative, almost magical form of Coaching. To experience the astonishing power of the forest for your personal development, I invite to visit me for a VIP day or retreat in Germany's beautiful Odenwald Region, located halfway between Frankfurt and Heidelberg and framed by the Rhine, Main and Neckar rivers.


The intense encounter with nature opens up new experiences, fascinating possibilities and unusual perspectives. It revives your creativity and pushes tough processes to new directions. 


In my ForestCoaching, a method I developed and refined over the course of several years, I am now combining the Courageous Coaching® Method of my teacher, renowned US Coach Kendall Summerhawk (Tucson, Arizona), with elements of Coyote Mentoring by Jon Young (Duvall, Washington/USA) as well as of Shinrin Yoku ("Forest Bathing"), a Japanese/Korean form of Nature Therapy used to enhance recovery from or prevent stress related diseases, high blood pressure etc.  

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