Silke Hable

„The natural way to inner strength, inspiration and success" - that's what my style of coaching is all about. 


You're a woman and each day stand your ground both on the job and at home? You're a female entrepreneur or leader, or you want to start your own business? Do you feel you constantly bend over backwards for someone else - or that you're selling yourself for less than you're worth? Or do you want to belong to those miraculous people who always squeeze delicious juice, no matter how many lemons life throws them - and the bigger the lemon, the better the juice?


If any of this is you, you have found the place to be: I will help you feel content and be successful in both your professional and private life. No more Mrs. Everybody's Darling! You are ready for a change? Then give me a call or write an e-mail - now! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 

Money, Marketing & Soul® Coaching

Do you feel like you're not really getting anywhere or to sell yourself for less than you're worth? You have trouble identifying your strengths? You want to find new passion for your business, give it a new direction or make it grow? Or do you want to create a clear and harmonious profile for your business or for yourself - a true trademark, mirroring your wonderful personality? Do you want to create programs that attract your perfect clients like a magnet? If you answered any of these questions with "yes", book your personal discovery session today! 

Resilience Training

Life makes us all swallow toads every now and then, doesn't it? Do you happen to know one of those people who, no matter how hard life's blow, don't "just" get back up and shake off the dust, but seem to grow stronger than ever before? If now you say: "Yes, I know someone just like that - but this is so not me...!" - think again. Because it CAN be you!  Mental strength and resilience against stress can be trained! And they are just as important for your success as professional expertise!

Let's begin - more mental strength does not have to stay a dream. Learn how to rise like a phoenix!

ForestCoaching by Silke Hable

In some of my programs I use my very own coaching method - ForestCoaching. Intense contact with nature can clear the way for innovative problem solving. It can easily break up entrenched positions, making room for new possibilities and fresh creativity. To experience the miracles that nature can do, you only need the willingness to open up to unusual experiences. If you like, I will teach you to use the healing powers of the forest, which are able to create deep transformation in the most positive sense, as the forest strenghtens body and mind alike. Promise: No esoteric bells and whistles here!